Whatever God's dream about man may be, it seems certain it cannot come true unless man cooperates.   Stella Terrill Mann

Art is love.   Holman Hunt

The arts are not the pretty and irrelevant bits around the boarder of reality – they are the highways into the center of reality which cannot be glimpsed, let alone, grasped any other way.   N.T. Wright

For you are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.   Ephesians 2:10

For the fine arts to revive, they must recover their spiritual center.  Camille Paglia

By means of art we are sometimes sent--dimly--briefly--revelation unattainable by reason.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The characteristic common to God and man is apparently that: the desire and ability to make things.   Dorthy L. Sayers

 Art is putting a frame around a moment.     Fredrick Buechner

I don't want you to think of art as a little frill or whipped cream on the cake of life. It's more like steak and potatoes.  Dallas Willard

...to build a community of artists who would collaborate to create moments of transcendence in church.   Nancy Beach

Make friends with the artist. Let him rip off the veils of habit that obscure the beauty of Christ in the faces we look at day after day. Let her restore color and texture and smell to the salvation that has become disembodied in a fog of abstraction.   Eugene Peterson

The artist is thus to be like the Israelite spies in the desert, bringing back fruit from the promised land to be tasted in advance . . . Here is the challenge, I believe, for the Christian artist, in whatever sphere: to tell the story of the new world so that people can taste it, and want it, even while acknowledging the reality of the desert in which we presently live.    N. T. Wright

Art is a deeply human activity, and therefore a place where God can do his redeeming work, both at the level of personal discipleship and at the level of cultural transformation. Phillip Ryken.

 Art is sensory. It is physical. When it’s working well we should have a physical, visceral, vocal experience with and response to it.  Luann Jennings

The Lord God was playful enough to make lobsters and ginko trees, quartz crystals and red-haired girls with freckles. God wants us to laugh and enjoy the imaginative riches smiling and crying everywhere.  - Calvin Seerveld






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Connecting, Equipping and Inspiring Churches and Artists for the New Renaissance


  • The Creative Church Conference 2014 will in Boise, July 25-27. More info to come!