This site and the NR organization were designed to Connect and Equip Artists and Churches for the New Renaissance. We do this by providing original content like Creative Church Handbook, sharing content and ideas from leaders in the arts, by acting as a portal to cutting edge resources from other arts organizations, and providing training and events like the CreativeChurch Arts Conferences.

We pray that churches and artists across the globe would use these resources to start or intensify faith/art groups, initiatives, dialogues, projects, relationships and ideas in their circle of influence.  It’s our desire that churches and leaders would use these resources to facilitate, educate and empower, and that artists would find tools for encouragement, inspiration and growth in their faith and craft. Our audacious goal is that every Christ-following church in existence would one day view the arts as a cherished way to celebrate and enjoy God’s love and presence and that they would learn to value and disciple the artists sovereignly placed in their congregations.

The majority of Christ-following churches around the world don’t have an arts ministry or art activities. That means quality art, with the possible exception of worship music, is not present.  BUT most churches DO have artists in their congregation, though they may be untapped, undeveloped or alienated. In many cases these people have not been encouraged to take their place in the Body of Christ and the Body is suffering for it. We will never reach spiritual maturity as The Church without all of the gifts working together. Without an integration of the arts and artists into the church, the Body of Christ might be called physically, emotionally and mentally challenged. (See “The Arts and the Maturity of the Church”)

Wonderfully, at this time in history God is bringing the arts to life in the Church and the culture. You are an essential part of that movement, whether you are the only artist in your church, or part of a mature arts ministry, an arts supporter or interested observer.  You’ll find many resources on this site to support in your journey toward a personal and universal spiritual and artistic renaissance.  Feel free to email us questions, thoughts and ideas at:  thenewr (at)

Non Profit

The New Renaissance Arts Movement is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization through ACT International. Your donations are tax deductible. Learn more about donating here.


The New Renaissance was founded by author (Finding Divine Inspiration: Working With the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity and The Creative Church Handbook: Releasing the Power of the Arts in Your Congregation) and arts advocate J. Scott McElroy.

A Prayer for Renewal in the Arts

“Sovereign God, you are so much larger and greater than we have allowed ourselves to imagine!  Please quicken the imagination of your people around the world today! Please release divinely inspired creativity in your artists and churches.  Please bring the Church into leadership in all areas of creativity; even to a greater extent then ever in history, for you are the creative God and we are made in Your image! Teach us to collaborate with You.  Let us hear your voice more clearly then ever before, learn to use our gifts and take our place in the Body of Christ.  Let us take a giant step toward reaching the fulfillment of your final prayer on the earth, that we may be one, as You and the Father are one!  Bring a New Renaissance in our hearts, and then in the arts, so that your glory and love will be unavoidable evident in the world. Amen. Oh Yes!”